Look at this friggin bozo. Why are we listening to his opinions on anything? He looks like Flava Flav at this point.

Look at this friggin bozo. Why are we listening to his opinions on anything? He looks like Flava Flav at this point.


Apparently determined to wreck his already sagging career, Spike Lee has decided to annoy his last few fans with his latest film “Chi-raq”, which is a musical comedy about the staggeringly high murder rate in inner-city Chicago.  Because that’s a subject you want to sing and dance to.  That’s like making a musical about Hurricane Katrina.  Besides, when the fuck did Spike Lee suddenly start making musical comedies like he’s goddamn Mel Brooks?  Other than the urban soundtracks and comically racist portrayals of police and Italians, you won’t find much music or comedy in any of Spike’s previous films.  For him to suddenly want to make a ghetto “Sound of Music” is baffling, and the subject matter is appallingly inappropriate.  If a white dude made a movie like this, Spike would be the first guy on his soap box calling for his head.

Also noteworthy is that the “plot” of the film—and I use the term loosely—is that in order to stop the rampaging citywide murder spree, women in Chicago decide to withhold sex until the violence subsides.  Yeah, nothing like keeping pussy from a bunch of maniacs to calm them down.  And while that idiotic solution does indeed ring true as being from the feeble female mind by sharing the same hallmark traits of all their ideas—namely that it’s idealistic, stupid, and ineffectual—is that such brilliant tactics aren’t going to matter to gun-toting homos.  Now Omar could take the whole city over.

Spike has lost grip with reality.  Just look at the fuckin outfits he’s been showing up in for interviews to promote this visual swill.  He’s dressing like a Dr. Seuss character; every interview he’s got a new bizarre hat and matching ridiculous glasses and neckware.  The goddamn guy’s lost his mind.

He’s also lost touch with his audience, namely young black men.  I’ve seen tons of today’s so-called rappers getting their faggot-ass skinny jeans in a bunch about the condescendingly whimsical tone Spike has taken about people getting shot in the face.  This is hardly the “Do The Right Thing” approach to such a serious issue.  Maybe that’s because Spike hasn’t been to the inner city in decades, unless he’s being stealthily limousine-chauffered through it to sit courtside at Knicks games.

I watched the trailer for the movie, and even at only two and a half minutes long, it became unbearable about halfway through.  I can’t even fuckin fathom ninety minutes of that rancid manure.  I’d rather watch a live abortion.  They even slyly tried to edit the trailer to make it not look like a musical to bamboozle boneheads.  I smell a giant box office stink-a-roo coming Spike’s way.  How many in a row does that make for him now?

The one positive note about “Chi-raq” is that it features the triumphant return of the IRS’ favorite actor: tax dodging-ass Wesley Snipes.  When asked about how he felt about being in Spike’s latest debacle of a film, Wesley responded, “I liked it better in jail.”

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