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This was DIaz' startled response to his recent weed suspension.

This was DIaz’ stunned response to his recent weed suspension.


The bozos that comprise the Nevada State Athletic Commission have proven themselves as some of the biggest dullards in the country when they recently suspended pothead pioneer Nick DIaz for five years—essentially ending the thirty-two year-old’s hall-of-fame fourteen-year career—for the so-called crime that basically everyone on the planet has been guilty of: smoking muthafuckin weed.  That’s right.  That’s all he failed for.  Not some weirdo PEDs that practically every single fighter in the UFC has either failed for—sometimes on multiple occassions—or they openly take, but only the so-called “accepted” amounts, but for fuckin marijuana metabolites that would indicate he was attempting to conceal his smoking.  His opponent that night incidentally failed for PEDs, and was suspended for only a year.  That’s asinine almost beyond comprehension.

Not only is the NSAC’s case against DIaz as half-baked as he is, but every fight fan alive knows Diaz loves two things: chokeholds and to smoke bowls.  He fails these tests constantly.  The fuckin guy probably pees green.  What does it matter though if he never fails for any drug that would actually enhance his performance?  He should be able to walk out to the octagon with a lit blunt in his mouth, and blow a huge hit in his opponent’s face at the referee’s instructions.  Imagine how many dudes would want to fight him next.

The winking and giggling that I’m sure accompanied his doctor visit aside, Diaz was granted a license to smoke medicinal marijuana by the state of California.  Whether you agree with it or not, the man is not breaking the law by smoking, and the NSAC is well-aware that weed is by no means a performance enhancing drug—which is all they should be concerned with any-goddamn-way.  Recreational drug usage is a fighter’s own business.  If they can swill booze the night before a fight with no worries—which some argue MMA icon Chuck Lidell often did—they should be able to smoke weed too.  What the fuck is the difference?

Meanwhile back at the Bud Cave, Diaz and his lawyers are prepared to do everything in their power to overturn this ludicrous suspension—only so far there’s nothing to do.  It appears that their only strategy is getting celebrities and athletes to sign a petition.  So far they have enough signatures to fill an entire pack of rolling papers.

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