Trading Privates Cryin’

Looks like fearsome soldiers like this need to take their camouflaged high heels and get to stepping.

Looks like fearsome soldiers like this need to take their camouflaged high heels and get to stepping.


An insane tweet by the Antichrist sparked outrage among the whole Alphabet Soup for Faggots community.  Why, they were all represented.  Fags, lezbos, trannys, dykes, he-shes, queers, homos, and even skib-skabs and scallywags.  Yes folks, it seems every LGBTQ OBGYN was represented in this one.

For reasons unbeknownst to anyone, tranny weirdos can no longer join the armed forces.  This retardedness is supposedly over the high cost of the army paying for people to play Mr. Potato Head with their genitals, and while it’s almost as disgusting as the trannys themselves that the army shells out money for their so-called “necessary surgery”—which is about as necessary as getting breast implants, though a lot less pleasing to look at—it’s fuckin ridiculous to claim money is the reason they’re getting the combat boot.  The Pentagon just got an unprecedented 54 billion dollar budget increase for fuck’s sake.  Remember those fifty-something missiles Dickface shot into a sand trap a few months back?  They cost 1.3 million dollars apiece and got tossed out like Halloween candy.  The last problem the army has is a lack of funds.

Of course as usual this master plan of the “genius deal-maker” was hastily thrown together on fuckin Twitter with no plans of implementation whatsoever.  Nobody even told the fuckin Pentagon.  Meanwhile questions like, “What the fuck about the 15,000 tranny weirdos who currently serve?” or “Do those current trannys receive an Honorable Discharge if forced to leave?” never crossed the Alzheimers-addled brain of that orange scum.

But really there is some silliness to consider here.  I mean, fifteen-fuckin-thousand?  I didn’t even know there were that many hole-swappers in the whole world.  Turns out the military is tranny weirdos number one employer, which highlights two things: people who join the military are nuts, and no wonder we haven’t won a war in over fifty fuckin years.

But the few chuckles this boobery provides are overshadowed by how blatantly discriminatory, mindless, and even criminally unconstitutional this latest example of why we need to let Hinkley out of jail is.  If Cunt can arbitrarily ban people from employment over shit like this, how soon before it’s race and religion too?  Hope Muslims and Mexicans are planning on retiring early.  Remember the old poem, “And there was no one left to speak for me?” Well, we’re living it.

This fuckin lunatic must be stopped.


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