The War On Vaginas Part Deux -By Devan Winchester

There should be some kind of buzzer that goes off every time someone declares themself to be both pro life and anti welfare. Usually this is also followed by a detailed outline of their Christian belief system; which, as anyone with a half a brain could detect, falls into direct conflict with the anti welfare thing.

To declare oneself a Christian and then proceed to A) pass judgement on another human being And B) set a list of prerequisites for the recipient of your contribution before preforming any charitable acts seems a little, uhhhh, what’s the word? Oh, yeah, STUPID. And mean. And judgmental and lame and actually, -kinda fascist. Also what the fuck are you guys doing using religion to influence political debates and then quoting the constitution, often in the same breath? Talk out both sides of your mouth much? “One nation under god” does not overwrite the separation of church and state or freedom from religious persecution. Remember that play about the pilgrims you were in when you were 9? This material has been covered and reviewed many, many times for anyone that got up to grade 5, and if you graduated from high school, ¬†what kind of excuse could you possibly have for that kind of ignorance? Sure go ahead and bring another life into the world when you are pooror young and either living at home with your parents or homeless or still 2 years away from graduating college or jobless or addicted to drugs! We’ll treat you like a criminal when you ask for help supporting your infant, just like we did when you told us you didn’t think you could carry a healthy baby to term! Roe v Wade was overturned by a Supreme Court ruling that decided making abortion illegal violated women’s constitutional rights……Women are 50% of the population.

Just because some religious women do not agree with abortion for religious reasons does not mean that when they speak out against abortion they are representing women. They are speaking as representatives of their religion who happen to be women. The arguments that originally convinced the Supreme Court to make abortion legal are still relevant; In cases of rape and incest, if carrying the fetus to term jeopardizes the health of the mother, if the fetus has a fatal birth defect which will result in its death while in utero or immediately following birth. Abortion can be critical preventative care or even a life saving surgery for some pregnant women. While its true that most abortions are not performed in order to literally save the life of the mother a lot of those women who elect to terminate a pregnancy might not see it that way. Just because they don’t have a medical issue with the pregnancy it does not mean there is room for any other individual to judge which reasons for deciding to terminate are valid and which are not. A woman’s body is hijacked when she becomes pregnant. The fact that the miracle of life is in itself a beautiful thing does not dull the point…Dedicating a nine month period in which your body is home to another human life is not a decision that can be made for anyone or by anyone but onesself. The argument that if women aren’t prepared to be pregnant, and still somehow become pregnant, then they must have acted irresponsibly is bogus. The presumption makes no consideration for the fact that between conception and discovering the pregnancy, a mother’s situation can change in any possible way.

Not to mention the fact that there are still people trying to teach abstinence to teenagers….!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

Teenagers are going to fuck! Learn it, live it, —-you don’t actually have to love it- or even like it! It has absolutely zero effect either way. Teenagers will continue to hump each other whether or not anyone is cheering them on and with or without protection….so what is the conclusion? Tell them to stop screwing constantly. While you’re at it tell them to stop blinking and to stop pooping and to stop sleeping…if your kids are sexually active then that’s just the way it is, if not, well, that will change-eventually. Unless you really fucked up your kid’s head in which case you have more important things to do than reading this crap. The point I’m trying to make is that teaching abstinence to teenagers while simultaneously making abortion illegal and cutting welfare benefits is pretty much the worst idea in the history of civilization….on that note,

I’m going to bed.

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