The Bloom’s Off the Rose Or Rosedud

Chicago's controversial choice of banana vendors finally ended in tragedy, when an errant peel caused Derrick Rose's approximate thousandth injury.

Chicago’s controversial choice of banana vendors finally ended in tragedy, when an errant peel caused Derrick Rose’s approximate thousandth injury.


Finally even Derrick Rose’s most ardent and die-hard supporters have got to admit the painful truth: the dude’s career is over.

Not that he’s literally retiring, but not only has his career window been significantly limited, he has certainly retired his name from amongst the league’s foremost stars.  Honestly, I thought he remained in the conversation far too long anyway.  So many NBA fans remained prisoners in the fleeting moment of his ho-hum greatness while his once remarkable talents eroded in front of their eyes.  Now after ninety knee injuries in a row disintegrating his knees into sawdust, Rose might go down as the most flash in the pan NBA player in my lifetime.  Nobody I’ve ever seen had or relied more on pure explosiveness to drive to the rim, but over the last few seasons that rare ability has been slowly sapped from him.  Now he’s just another good point guard in the deepest pool of great ones in NBA history.

Truth be told, I never thought Rose was all that good in the first place.  How can someone who grew up in Chicago not be able to shoot?  And that much-lauded MVP he won is about as hollow as the inside of his knees.  That was clearly LeBron’s year, but just like they did with Jordan, the NBA refused to give the award to the most deserving player in favor of arbitrarily switching it up.  Rose’s MVP is like Barkley’s in ’93—essentially an award for the league’s second-best player.

Since his undeserving career-defining moment, it’s been a catastrophic and indeed Greg Oden-esque string of injuries for Rose, culminating with this latest menisucs tear.  At the beginning of the season, Rose eerily foreshadowed this devastating outcome, explaining his worriment over potential injuries because he was concerned about his life after basketball.  Although I never bought into the hype that he was a truly great point guard, unfortunately with this latest news, his life after b-ball is going to come a lot sooner than he thought, and also a lot sooner than anyone would have thought back in 2010.


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