Sisterhood of Unraveling Rants


Rotund self-appointed fashion critic Lauten on left, Obama's daughter Sasha at the zoo with a giraffe on the right (not pictured, Obama's daughter Malia).

Rotund self-appointed fashion critic Lauten on left, Obama’s daughter Sasha at the zoo with a giraffe on the right (not pictured, Obama’s daughter Malia).


As any leading political analyst will astutely explain, the GOP is jam-packed with snide cocksuckers, but not until recently has the public learned who in fact is the snidest and cocksucker-iest of them all.  After her soliloquy on a pair of soul-sisters, that proud title now belongs to the reprehensible Republican political aide most deserving of contracting AIDS, former plus-size bikini model reject Elizabeth Lauten.

This corpulent cunt decided to ridicule Obama’s daughters, Normella and Gigantor, in a lamely transparent attempt to merely insult their parents.  After the 21st century Jeffersons appeared at the idiotic yearly Thanksgiving turkey pardon, fatso took to the loser-verse otherwise known as Facebook to insult the unsuspecting teenagers.  In between scooping out handfuls from a bucket of lard, this chubscout typed that the girls should “Try showing a little class” before adding some home brewed hogwash about respect, just so she could draw toothless guffaws with her predictable follow-up shot about how their parents obviously don’t respect the presidency or the country, since they have the audacity to have black skin.  Then she added that the two plainly-attired girls were basically dressed like two-cent bar whores, probably because her wardrobe consists of nothing but barbeque sauce-stained moo moos.

Like most cyber pussies, this barnyard animal sheepishly deleted the cowardly post only a few hours later, but much like with her arteries, the damage was already done.  While the pig was unsurprisingly squealing like one for forgiveness after “several hours of prayer,” her pious pie-ass was booted out the double-wide door from Tennessee Republican representative Yosemite Sam’s rodeo show staff.  Ironically, the taunting bigmouth was actually a communications director, but now has been hired in yet another expert role as Chris Christie’s personal trainer.

These sore loser Republicans have been sucking on sour grapes, among other things, for over six years now.  Attacking black teenagers is supposed to be the police’s job, but now Republican politicians are trying to steal yet another thing from the working man.  If only Obama’s girls were like most black kids and didn’t know their father, then they would be spared this kind of humiliation.






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