Oklahoma City’s Blunder

This is the barren trophy case Thunder fans can look forward to for the forseeable future if they lose game 7.

If they lose game 7, this is the barren trophy case Thunder fans can look forward to for the forseeable future.


Well here we go.

In just ten minutes, the most monumental game in Oklahoma City Thunder history will take place, but not just because the franchise’s second ever trip to the NBA Finals is on the line.  This is bigger than even that.  Tonight, in reality their entire franchise is on the line as well.  The reason is simple, if OKC manages to cheese away a 3-1 lead—and that’s certainly some extra cheese mind you—spaghetti-limbed scoring machine Kevin Durant is as good as gone, and his former team’s future goes poof with it.  And unfortunately for doomed Thunder fans, I don’t see how they can recover psychologically tonight after the game 6 debacle.

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate this: there’s never been more riding on one game for any team in any sport.  Think about it, if OKC first loses James Harden and then Kevin Durant in the span of a few short years years, a championship drought of Cubs-esque proportions is soon to follow, and rightfully so.  Sheeeit, the whole team might end up packing up and taking their traitorous asses back to Seattle.  Seems fitting since their front office would be suicidal by then anyway.

Some experts contend that Durant is leaving anyway, or that he’s going to stay regardless of tonight’s outcome.  I completely disagree.  With damn near a quarter of a billion dollars to be made elsewhere, the only way Durant stays put in a city only famous for rednecks and tornadoes is if his noodle arms are struggling to hoist the whatever-it’s-called trophy next month.  If they allow just the tenth NBA team in almost 250 tries come back from a 3-1 deficit, Durant will be rocking yellow and purple next year.  Or better yet green and white…

Either way Oklahoma is gearing up for this momentous occasion by hiring none other than Jim Ross to do commentary.  “Good ol’ JR was the obvious choice,” a team spokesman said.  “After all, anything’s better than that bra-wearing pansy Marv Albert.”

I think that’s something we can all agree on.



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