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Fans of this all-star lineup of brainless whores have dubbed them "The Reem Team." Look at these cunts, they can't even take a picture without one of them shitting out another worthless kid.

Fans of this all-star lineup of brainless whores have dubbed them “The Ream Team.” Look at these cunts, they can’t even take a goddamn picture without one of them shitting out another worthless kid.


I just came across what I would easily consider to be the most horrid thing that’s ever soiled my television screen, and I’m not talking about the Republican debates either.  I’m speaking instead of a show that makes Maury Povich seem like a public service announcement, a despicable excrement pile named “Teen Mom 2.”  Evidently the horrifying montage to trailer park trash that was the infamous “Teen Mom” franchise has ironically done the same as their idiotic and doomed subjects, and spawned a terribly unnecessary sequel.  Meanwhile a nationwide Ebola plague would be more beneficial to the masses.

So I don’t know Jack shit about the original series other than it’s a flash point for societal breakdown, but I guess the gaggle of whores from “Sixteen and Pregnant” or some other such white trash Zapruder film have done what else but continue to exploit their whorishness.  All I know is ten seconds into this unholy mess you realize that every single filthy broad has a second or third kid by now, from of course but what else?  A second or third retard of a dude.  Wow, nice to see everyone involved has really learned their fuckin lessons about irresponsibly shitting kids everywhere.  It’s like all these girls got diarrhea of the twat.  Then on top of that, all of the disgusting baby daddies are in the midst of knocking up another girl or two themselves.  It’s fuckin insanity.  You got twenty year-olds with a baseball team of kids to support and no goddamn jobs to speak of.  But that’s where the whole concept of the worst “Scared Straight” episode ever truly becomes sinister.

I remember screaming at the TV, “How the fuck do all these young-ass imbeciles with fifty kids and no jobs live in mansions?” repeatedly as the repulsiveness droned on.  Then when I was regurgitating my disgust at the spectacle to a friend of mine he said that the human baby factories get like fifty grand an episode.  Ah-ha!  That’s why none of these muthafuckas are ever depicted struggling financially like normal young parents, and instead are literally house-shopping as they see fit.  Not because it’s a realistic consequence of a teenage pregnancy, but because it’s MTV who’s actually paying for their mistakes—literally.  It’s a sad state of affairs when that actually made me feel better.

I love too how the girls constantly bemoan how tough it is to raise a child alone, meanwhile they’re busy on camera somewhere being interviewed and their children are invariably at their parents’ house.  Seems to me the grandmothers are basically raising every single one of these useless slut’s kids.  Must be nice to get paid to be a burden to society and then on top of it have a free full-time babysitter, but excuse me for interjecting a little reality here, that’s not exactly the experience of most teenage mothers, despite what this science fiction show would have you believe.  This fantasy should be re-named Deep Space Nine Inches.

Further highlighting this live action abortion ad’s complete disinterest in reality is the fact that every single chick on it is an upper middle class white girl.  That’s not exactly the demographic for rampant teenage pregnancy.  Where were all the Shaniqua’s and Becky Sue’s from the baby-infested projects and trailer parks of our decaying American landscape?  Once again it’s an example of MTV shining as positive a light as possible on idealistic teen morons rotting our society from the inside by crapping out kids that they have no means—or any true intentions—of taking care of.  Now thanks to this farce, the Quaneeda’s and Brittney-Lee’s of this world are being further persuaded about their ironically childish delusions of motherhood, but unbeknownst to them, they’re never getting fifty grand a goddamn episode to film their miserable lives.  The real version of being a teen parent isn’t quite as palatable to the public.

Of course, custody issues permeated the entire show, and while the sudden idea of forcible joint lost custody quickly came to mind, I also couldn’t help but think about how happy the court system must be with this hopeless cycle of morons continuing to spawn like cockroaches.  Imagine the fuckin gold mine the lawyers and judges make for the seemingly infinite court cases and custody hearings this pile of human garbage provides.  Sterilizing these goddamn mutants would literally cost the court system trillions of dollars.




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