Mayweather vs Alvarez: Round-By-Round


Floyd Mayweather lands a jab en-route to taking a lopsided decision from Canelo Alvarez Saturday night.

Floyd Mayweather lands a jab en-route to taking a lopsided decision from Canelo Alvarez Saturday night.


The crowd is going bananas even before the bell.  Absolutely electric atmosphere as the fight begins.

Round 1 – Mayweather surprisingly comes out moving forward in the first minute before settling in to circling away.  Mayweather pecking and poking but landing.  Canelo lands one stiff jab towards the end of the round but little else.  Uneventful round.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 2 – Canelo seems content to box from the outside with Mayweather for some reason.  He’s having a little success with the jab but not as much as Floyd.  Canelo smartly trying to work the body.  Floyd landing jabs but not finding home for right hand.  Canelo lands a lead left hook near the bell.  Canelo 10-9.

Round 3 – Floyd landing jabs.  Canelo landing to the body.  Floyd lands a one-two then another right hand–his first rights of the night.  Canelo still not pressuring and electing to box with Mayweather.  Mayweather goes to the ropes for the first time and Canelo follows with a pair of stiff jabs.  Mayweather nice counter left hook at the end of the round.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 4 – Canelo lands a couple left hooks.  Floyd lands a one-two then whips sharp rolling counter-right hand. Floyd jab to the body and hard clean right to the head then a jab upstairs.  They clinch and Canelo hits Mayweather low.  Mayweather goes to touch gloves after action resumes and Canelo ignores him as the crowd erupts—apparently Canelo saw the Victor Ortiz fight.  Canelo lands a three-punch combination to the body and a chopping right hand to the head.  Canelo lands another right to the head.  Floyd popping jabs then lands a counter left hook.  Floyd lands right but eats a stiff jab from Canelo in return.  Floyd lands a couple of left hooks and another right as the fans explode watching the two-way action.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 5 –  Canelo jabs to the body and gets caught with a counter right to the head.  Canelo working the body.  Floyd landing but Canelo forces him to the ropes—something he should have been trying to do all night.  Canelo lands a hard left hook and a couple body shots with Mayweather’s back to the ropes.  Canelo lands a right uppercut and the two exchange jabs.  A chant of “U-S-A” begins and is immediately shot down with a chorous of boos—apparently even appealing to nationalism can’t conquer the fans’ hatred of Floyd.  Mayweather lands a left and right to the body but takes a solid jab to the face.  Canelo 10-9.

Round 6 – Floyd comes out moving beautifully and out-boxing Canelo.  Good exchange between the two but Floyd punctuates it with a snapping right uppercut.  Canelo right hook to the body-right uppercut to the head combination.  They trade left hooks then clinch and Canelo shoulder bumps Mayweather to the face after absorbing a kidney shot.  Canelo lands a right to the head.  Floyd throwing one-two’s but they’re being blocked by Canelo’s gloves.  Floyd lands a couple rights.  Floyd making Canelo miss and making him pay with laser-quick counters.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 7 – Canelo still trying unsuccessfully to box with Mayweather.  Floyd lands a head-snapping one-two.  Canelo lands an uppercut and the two exchange jabs.  Floyd’s keeping Canelo at bay with the jab and lands a hard right hook to the body.  Sizzling right uppercut by Floyd probably the best punch of the fight so far.  Canelo pinned to the ropes as Floyd rakes him with one-two’s to the head and body.  Canelo punches his way off of the ropes with a right hand and a one-two of his own.  Mayweather’s best round so far and Canelo starting to appear frustrated.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 8 – Mayweather moving well but Canelo backs him to the ropes and lands a hard three-punch combination to the body.  Mayweather moving and jabbing and Canelo stalking to no avail.  Canelo’s body combinations are few and far-between compared to Mayweather’s pumping jab.  Mayweather lands a pair of one-twos and a left hook then floats away but Canelo pursues with a clean right hand upstairs.  Canelo has Mayweather on the ropes and is digging to the body but getting caught with sharp counters.  Mayweather’s starting to land everything.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 9 – Mayweather looks fresh while Canelo’s starting to show signs of fatigue.  Mayweather landing but Canelo firing back and having some success.  Mayweather starting to walk Canelo down behind superior technique and cleaner punching.  Canelo still throwing one-two’s to the body but they’re being blocked by Mayweather’s arms for the most part.  Mayweather lands blistering right hand to the chin that’s one of his best punches of the fight.  Canelo lands a right.  Canelo still throwing but Mayweather beginning to outbox him badly now.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 10 – Canelo one-two to the body and lands right to the head.  Mayweather sticking the jab and making Canelo miss.  Canelo heads to ropes to try and counter off of them like he did in the seventh round and having even less success as Floyd just pot-shots him.  Canelo finally jabs his way off the ropes and Floyd dances away to the ropes himself.  Canelo pursues and lands a jolting right hand that’s his hardest of the night then unloads with both hands to Mayweather’s body—his best moment of the fight in many rounds.  Floyd calmly circles away and resumes painting Canelo with the jab til the bell.  Mayweather initiates a stare-down after the bell and the ref separates them.  Mayweather 10-9 but if you’re looking for a round to give Canelo, that would have been the one.

Round 11 – Canelo lands a hard right to the body.  Canelo with a huge overhand right that only glances the retreating Mayweather.  Canelo another hard right to the body.  Mayweather lands a jab and circles gracefully from side to side.  Canelo lands to body but eats a quick thudding right on the end of a one-two.  Floyd suddenly steps-up his attack, landing several jabs, a left hook, a straight right.  Floyd pops Canelo with two left hooks and dances out of harm’s way before Canelo can respond.  Mayweather on his bike now but boxing beautifully as Canelo continues to come forward and throw body shots.  Canelo misses wildly and punches the ropes as Floyd pauses to admire his handiwork.  Mayweather 10-9.

Round 12 – Floyd looks as fresh and quick as he did in the first round while Canelo looks tired and a bit discouraged but game.  Mayweather moving, jabbing, and holding—he’s in total prevent defense mode.  Canelo’s moving forward but has all but abandoned the jab so he’s not able to be effective.  Mayweather moving beautifully from side to side and changing directions too rapidly for Canelo to follow.  Finally with a minute to go in the fight, Canelo drops his hands to his sides and backs away to the center of the ring, clearly frustrated at his lack of punching opportunities.  Floyd meets him and stays in the pocket for the remainder of the round, though he is clearly still in a defensive shell.  Canelo lands a right but isn’t showing the desperation you might expect and continues his lackluster pursuit til the final bell.  Mayweather 10-9.

Judges scorecards: 114-114, 116-112, 117-111 for Mayweather.  The judge who had it a draw should be banned from ever judging another bout of such magnitude again.

The Mulligan card: Mayweather 118–110  or ten rounds to two.  117-111 or nine rounds to three would also have been acceptable and since I hate Floyd, preferable.

Floyd looked much sharper than he did against Cotto or Guerrero, and Canelo came out with a bad game plan and then couldn’t adjust.  Part of his inexplicable approach certainly had to do with Floyd’s movement, defense, and blinding counter-punching however.  Also Floyd’s conditioning once again proved to be a major asset for him as he never slowed down even one iota and ran a twenty three-year old kid increasingly ragged as the fight wore on.

Canelo surprisingly didn’t show much fire down the stretch, and even his corner seemed strangely unconcerned even as their man fell further and further behind.  The fourth and fifth rounds had some great action but ho-hum the rest of the way with the gap in skill becoming more evident as the rounds piled up.  Floyd once again carefully builds up a nobody into a viable opponent then dispatches him with relative ease.  His march to become the most overrated fighter to ever proclaim himself the greatest of all time continues unabated.


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