Making Wait

Only one man is leaving with thei hands raise May 2nd. Unless it's a draw...

Only one man is leaving with his hands raised May 2nd. Unless of course it’s a draw…


Wow right on time.

A mere seven years after the fight would have actually made sense, Avoid Gayweather has finally decided to put his “Money” where his fists weren’t and fight Filipino High Chief Manny Pacquiao.  Whoopdie-friggin-do.  By now, the fight’s gonna look like those two geriatrics DeNiro and Stallone’s atrocious boxing movie.

In true cowardly fashion, Mayweather has of course left Manny barely any time to properly train for his long-ago announced May 2nd deadline, and also insisted on a re-match clause for obvious reasons, but that’s not the real onion in the ointment if you ask me.

It’s the hundred cocksuckin clams those pricks are expected to charge.

A hundred dollars?  Are you fuckin kidding me?  Are they fighting in my living room or thousands of miles away on TV?  That greedy-ass shit is disgustingly outrageous, and also in the long-run fiscally foolish.

All the geniuses behind promoting this fight have done with the ridiculous price tag is ensure a lower buy rate.  Now everybody who buys the thing is gonna have a house full of forty muthafuckas there to watch it, instead of that same group of people watching it spread out amongst five or six places.  Same forty people, but now only one official PPV buy instead of several.  See what I mean?

After all, who the fuck wants to shell out big dough for a boring-ass Gayweather pillow fight?  Not to mention the stellar invisible undercard.  This is why the UFC’s PPVs blow boxing’s out of the water.  They actually understand the valuable concept of co-main events, not to mention scheduling a plethora of other entertaining high-level bouts.  You get an infinitely more exciting night of UFC fights for free on Fox than with boxing’s time-worn “One Fight And Nothing Else” business model.

Regardless of what Floyd says now, I’m still not convinced the fight’s gonna take place.  You never know when Prince Charming will decide to beat the shit out of another girlfriend, or perhaps injure his vagina in training.  As far as I’m concerned, I’ll only believe the fight’s really happening when both men are finally in the ring during Michael Buffer’s pre-fight introductions, and a stream of piss is running down Floyd’s leg.


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