Maher’d Reputation


It doesn’t help Maher that this facial expression has “Nigga please” written all over it.


Well it looks like the left strikes again.  This is really getting out of control.  I mean, it’s getting to the point where you can’t even shout racial epithets on live TV anymore for Pete’s sake.  Have we no decency left?

As people have pretended to care about since last week, comedian Bill Maher had the audacity to make a joke on a comedy show, so he should obviously be drummed out of show business immediately and spend eternity in the naughty chair.  That’s the only way comedians will ever learn to not dabble in comedy.

And the worst part is, I knew something like this would happen.  Truth be told, the second Maher dropped that gargantuan N-Bomb (and I don’t mean “nuclear”) on set I had a feeling he was going to be forced to duck and cover from cascading Liberal tears.  Sure enough, by the next day there were already people calling for boycotts and firing.  So what the fuck was so bad exactly?  The exchange in question between Maher and Nebraska something-or-other, Joe Politician, was plodding along until Politician mentioned something about the Cornhole state and having Maher working in the fields.

“Working in the fields,” Maher exclaimed with phony exasperation, “I’m a house nigger,” before immediately adding with a chuckle, “No, that was a joke.”  Then moving on.  Which is exactly what the fuck everyone else should have done.

The crime of saying such an off-the-cuff throwaway line, by a comedian, on a comedy show called “Real Time”—where the whole premise is that it’s live and unfiltered talk—is now somehow considered unacceptable FCC material.  Are you shitting me?  That wasn’t “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve on ABC that Maher hi-jacked and started Kramer’ing out.  It’s fuckin HBO.  Have you ever seen “The Wire?”  There’s more N-bombs dropped on that show than “Django Unchained.”

And before whipping themselves into a firing frenzy, perhaps all the Millenial fags with their cunts in a bunch should wonder aloud, what would firing Maher accomplish exactly?  Ease national racial tensions?  Perhaps end all racism as we know it?  Or maybe erase slavery from the county’s collective memory like one of those “Men In Black” thingys?  Or is “Men in Black” too insensitive a phrase?

This latest faux big deal by outraged lefty homos ironically serves as a perfect example of what Maher has been railing against for years: the left turning on itself by being anti-free speech.  And the funniest thing is, if “Real Time” was too “racey” for the latte-sipping pussies, they’re really not going to like its replacement: an O’Reilly Factor knockoff called “Straight Shooting” hosted by George Zimmerman.


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