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If only the people burning these put them back on before they were finished.

If only the people burning these put them back on before they were finished.


“I’m an ordinary guy, burning down the house”   -Talking Heads


The de facto Grand Wizard of the KKK’s recent dinner date with his new BFFs Chuck and Nancy predictably caused conservatives conniptions.  What wasn’t predictable however was their outraged response: a burning en masses of those repellent so-called MAGA hats—and not just surprising because they were burning something other than crosses for a change.  Evidently, Trump voters were totally shocked and appalled that The Boy Who Cried Presisent would do something truly unprecedented for him and tell a fib.  Again, bravo on you hillbillies disproving the whole inbred idiocy of the south theory as a total myth.

Immediately, every Tom, Dick, and Scary, aka Ann Coulter, were jumping off the Trump Train To Nowhere.  Coulter even took to Twitter to call for his impeachment, an act she herself would have likely called treasonous if committed by a liberal.  That’s part of why it was so funny watching right-wing twats meltdown over their Bigot-in-Chief not being crackery enough.  For once they were complaining about that scumbag worse than the Democrats for Chrissake.

So if not giving the boot to a buncha dirty Mexicans is the only thing Trump’s done so far to make him lose his base in droves, what the fuck does that say about them? It seems rather obvious that they’re ready to disown any politician with even the slightest hint of a pro-brown policy.  It’s “White Fright” at its most pathetic and unappealing.

And speaking of pathetic and unappealing, that brings me to the subject of xenophobic billboards, the MAGA hats themselves.  Those nationalistic eyesores should come with a propeller on top.  They’re like yarmulkes for white supremacists.  Meanwhile, in all the images we’ve seen of Trump over the decades, have you ever seen him wearing a fuckin baseball hat before 2016?  With the kind of hat head he’d be liable to get?  Forget about it.  I don’t think his hat rack at home is exactly packed to the brim.

And even worse than the horrible fashion statement those hats make is that the fuckin things aren’t even made in fuckin America.  The official MAGA hats are constructed in the U.S., but out of foreign materials, and the wildly popular knock-offs are coming straight outta Shanghai.  Imagine if you will the mindset—and I use the term loosely—of the Trump voter buying a cheaper, foreign-made hat that says, “Make America Great Again.”  Ignorance that profound and abominable should result in immediate deportation.

Also, I love how Cunt is greedily hawking the stupid hats, among a bevy of other disgusting items, on his website “Antichrist.com.”  It’s like a white thrash yard sale held across all of cyberspace.  The hats by the way go for an outrageous $25-30, and I’ve heard prices as high as $40.  Forty fuckin dollars for a hat that is supposed to exclusively represent the working man?  And from a supposed billionaire to boot?  I don’t remember Hillary charging any money for her menopause medication, affectionately named “Over the Hill.”

I will say that the burning of the hats was a nice first step.  At this rate, before long I hope hordes of rubes will be climbing over the fence and setting the White House ablaze with Trump and his wretched staff locked inside like the end of “Inglorious Basterds.”

Unfortunately for them they’ll have to beat everybody else to it first.


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