Kazak-scam = Triple Free

Turns out they were both right.

Turns out they were both right.


Boxing once again proved why even pro wrestling rightfully looks down on it as the most corrupt sport ever conceived when the biggest fight of the year with two actual active boxers ended in a draw.  Surprise, surprise.

It’s not like scoring a fight a draw is unprecedented.  They can even be some of the best two-sides fights you’ll ever see (Pacquiao-Marquez I quickly springs to mind).  And I was rooting for the red-headed spic child over Borat’s nephew.  If the fight was close enough to really warrant a draw I’d be the first one to say it.  It wasn’t.  It was a relatively close fight in that even the rounds either man won clearly were still competitive, but it was still a clear-cut win for Triple G.  I’d say 8 rounds to 4, or 7 to 5 seems about right.  But GGG landed the heavier shots.  He did more damage.  And he kept coming forward all night.  In short, he won a hard-fought decision.  Then the scorecards were announced…

As I drunkenly and obliviously chattted with my brother I overheard the TV in the background blare the first score: 118-110.  Uh-oh.  That was a bad sign.  I mean, Triple G obviously won but there was no way the fight was that one-sided.  Then they said it was for fuckin Canelo and I knew immediately we’d been had.

They didn’t even have to read the other judges cards to know a fishy decision was coming.  The next judge correctly had it at 7-5 for G-spot and the last guy scored it a 6-6 (114-114) draw.  The fight would go in the record books as the rarely seen split-draw.  And it was an absolute joke.

It wasn’t the worst decision I’ve ever seen—which says something right there—but it was pretty goddamn awful.  Worst I’ve seen since the outright robbery of Bradley-Pacquiao I.  It’s funny too because on that night just like this one I wasn’t even paying close attention when the scorecards were first announced.  Nobody was.  The result was that much of a foregone conclusion.  With no other big boxing PPV fights on the horizon for 2018 except a rematch between these two—unless Floyd comes out of retirement again to fight Ronda Rousey—you knew boxing would get their rematch by hook by crook.  And this was crook.

So I guess it only seems right that this was actually the first PPV in my life that I got completely for free, after I discovered the top secret formula to do so left behind in the will of the of the late great Mad Stupid Jason Epstein.  I gotta say in all honesty, the extra girth in my wallet certainly took the sting out of that lame-ass outcome.  And even though the decision was a stink bomb and a travesty I know I’ll still watch the rematch anyway.  Not only because I’m a lifelong diehard boxing fan who knows corruption is the curse of the Sweet Science, but more importantly than that, because I ain’t paying Jack shit for the next one either.  Corruption can work both ways.


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