Judge Mental


"Which one is the black guy again?"  Me thinks it's time for a thicker prescription on those coke bottles.

Perhaps it’s time for a thicker prescription for those coke bottles.



Sorry for spitting all over the computer screen but I’m fresh off the heels of reading that this incompetent dried-up old bitch C.J. Ross is stepping down from her position as a Nevada boxing judge indefinitely.

Well let me say on behalf of the fight fan community: it’s about muthafuckin time.

This is the clam who somehow had the nine rounds-to-three at best whitewash of Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez a fuckin six rounds apiece draw.  What fight was this shriveled old crow watching?  Was she busy polishing her dentures the whole fuckin night?  Or dropping dukes in her damn depends?  That’s the only way she could have possibly turned in such a surreal and demented scorecard.  All the hot flashes in the world don’t excuse that shit.

The bundle of rancid excrement that was her idiotic score was the first one announced, and even though my hatred of Floyd runs down to my very bones, my heart sank when I heard it in fear of yet another one of boxing’s typical filthy decision robberies.  Thankfully though the remaining cards restored sanity and Floyd walked away with the deserved win.  Fuck, I almost thought they were gonna rob him nearly as bad as Manny Pacquiao got robbed last Summer against Tim Bradley.  In an even more emphatic ten rounds-to-two annihilation, Pacquiao actually lost that decision due to either the gross incompetence or bribery of the judges—or a combination of the two.

And guess who the fuck was one of the Three Blind Mice that judged that goddamn fiasco?  That’s right: Mrs. Magoo herself C.J. muthafuckin Ross.

After turning in two of the most breathtakingly ignorant scorecards I’ve ever seen in literally thousands of fights, they should let Floyd and Pac Man use her as a goddamn punching bag.  So she’s finally stepping down?  Good goddamn riddance.  Now she has plenty of time to bake cookies and knit sweaters like old broads are supposed to.


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