Every time this pops up I want to put my fist through the computer screen.

Every time this pops up I want to put my fist through the computer screen.


I can’t wait until the day some new website turns YouTube into the My Space of videos.

The ads have gotten completely ridiculous.  Remember a few years ago when you were shocked to see a five-second ad pop up on your video for the first time?  Now every other click they got fifteen and thirty-second ones you can’t skip.  Recently they’ve introduced jamming a random ad into the middle of the video you’re watching.  I sit down to revisit a little Holyfield-Foreman the other night, and here comes an ad for Scrubby Bubbles.  Do you know how long a twelve round fight is?  There were like ninety interruptions for one useless product after another.  Ironically, there were no ads for the Foreman Grill—that would have at least made sense.

I say we consumers join together and boycott the companies that continue to rape the videos we actually want to see.  I’m gonna start making a list of every ad I see on YouTube and will never buy any product associated with the company.  Fuck your stupid commercials, stop invading my computer screen.

Also, who’s the prick responsible for randomly erasing all the classic music from YouTube?  I put on Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits yesterday and was mortified to find that it had been butchered beyond repair by the internet police.  I don’t understand the problem.  The band’s like forty years old, they’ve got their money over the years, why can’t I listen to their music in peace?  What’s the site trying to do, drive up sales?  I haven’t bought a CD since Tical 2000 and I damn sure ain’t gonna start now just because of a couple YouDouches. That’s like a few years ago some asshole went on a banning spree of all Sam Cooke’s music.  Cooke’s been dead since the sixties, who the fuck is complaining that I wanna hear “You Send Me”?

Like Google or, YouTube came out of nowhere to become one of the internet’s preeminent and essential sites.  Hopefully soon something better—and ad-free—comes along, and they disappear just as quickly.




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