Dung Jury


Now the bitch got plenty to say. Not a peep in court though.

Not a peep when it counted…and now she won’t shut the fuck up.


I think Florida should just abandon the court system all together and live like they did in Tombstone.

I just saw one of the jurors speaking on some talk show, and she made a statement so monstrously ignorant I nearly lost control of my bowels:  “George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can’t get away from god.”

Apparently she was the one holdout juror, and felt Zimmerman should have been convicted of second-degree murder.  Then there was an “emotional debate” for a couple hours and she was swayed.  Now here she is asking for fuckin forgiveness?  Gee, if only she could have done something to affect the case like perhaps…BEING A MEMBER OF THE FUCKING JURY!!!

Now she’s going on an apology tour when she should have just stuck to her goddamn guns and forced a hung jury.  See this is why broads need to be at home rattling pots and pans instead of venturing out into the big scary world from the safety of their natural habitat—the kitchen.  An all-female jury is akin to allowing chimpanzees to render verdicts.  They were probably all daydreaming about their vaginas when they should have been listening to the facts of the case.

And now the cunt is gonna bring her mental illness of a belief in a big magical dude in the sky into the fuckin conversation?  Zimmerman may have murdered a teenager in cold blood for no reason other than he’s a paranoid pussy, but that’s okay because your Santa Clause for grown-ups will put him on the eternal naughty boy list?  Well slap my ass and call me Suzy, that sounds like it works out perfectly for everyone.  I hope this bitch remembers that brainless line-of-reasoning if a member of her family is ever gunned down in the middle of the street.  Now she’s begging for forgiveness from Trayvon Martin’s parents?  They should literally never stop punching her in the face.

Why doesn’t she just ask forgiveness from her primitive gods?  After all, that’s what really counts right?


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