Cleaning Out The Closet

There's a ton of gay-related topics that have been stockpiling recently in need of some serious Spewage.

There’s been plenty of gay-related stories recently in need of some serious Spewage.


As usual, there’s been many instances lately of the Gay Mafia continuing to try to promote genital mutilation, or ruin the public perception or professional lives of anyone who dares to have differing religious beliefs, or to continue to engage in anything resembling normal conversation.  So many in fact, that it’s impossible to keep track of them all.  The “Pink Hand” as they’re known in San Fran, aka their Sicily, is extorting the public’s patience instead of money with their endless whining and complaining.  A few of the more irritating cases of their limitless lunacy include:


Tran’s Mission – In a stunning move that proves once and for all men are indeed better than women at everything, even at being women, the mentally deranged freak that used to be Bruce Jenner won the 2015 Woman of the Year Award, presumably given away by “Pointless Magazine.”  Now this is just gotten way the fuck out of hand.  How the fuck does someone who isn’t even a real woman win Woman of the Year?  Why not give it to an Orangutan while we’re at it?  And what the fuck did that thing even do?  Chopping a cock off is all you need to do to win woman of the year evidently.  Who won it last year, Lorena Bobbit?  Let’s hope that 2016 sees a restoration of some goddamn sanity around the country, because 2015 was definitely the Year of the Tranny.  It’s like the media’s on some bizarre never-ending mission to make this psychosis mainstream.  Fuckin gross.  I just can’t wait that like the majority of whackos who undergo such genitala butchery, Jenner does the inevitable and commits suicide in a few years.  Then maybe it can serve as a cautionary tale that mental illness and unnecessary surgery are a less attractive marriage than Jenner’s was to that withered old Kardashian broad.


Gay Trashing – You know the Gay Mafia has fit pop culture for some cement high heels when even my delivery man is getting into trouble.  Earlier this month, world-renowned public intellectual from a country full of mud huts, Manny Pacquaio, made news when he supposedly compared gay people to animals, when in reality he merely insinuated they were all evil and going to burn eternally in everlasting hellfire.  So it’s not like he’s prejudiced.  But I mean, are we really surprised a man who gets hit in the head for a living would make some asinine statements?  Did you see his fourth fight with Marquez?  After that knockout, the fuckin guy’s lucky he still remembers how to tie his shoes.  And don’t even get started trying to explain tranny-what’s-a-who’s-it’s to the little gook.  His head would explode like fireworks on Chinese New Year.


Ref, Dumb, and Blind – Rajon Rondo continued to prove why he’s my all-time favorite Celtic since Paul Pierce when he drew public criticism earlier this season for a verbal altercation with a homo ref, by hurling the worst insult at a gay man imaginable: that he was a bad dresser.  Oh, plus that he was a faggot.  Obviously, since we live in a society that has to pretend such a perfectly ordinary occurrence between two men arguing is somehow a national outrage, Rondo was ludicrously suspended for a game.  Why not suspend that Nancy boy referee?  You would think a guy so used to taking a jackhammering to his rectum would have thicker skin.  And if he’s so worried about an anti-gay atmosphere, why doesn’t that flamer just ref in the colossal dyke festival known as the WNBA?  Meanwhile, I hear Rondo tried to make amends by sending the ref a gift: a fruit basket.

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