Deadskins or Indian Giver


I heard they're thinking of updating the logo with a slot machine.

I heard they’re thinking of updating the logo with a slot machine.


“That’s kinda like having the New York Niggers”    -Chris Rock on the Redskins, 1991


With all due respect to one of the greatest comedians of all time, no it isn’t.

For one thing, who the fuck even says “Redskins” anyway?  We all know Indians are separated into two specific scientific categories: dot and feather.  And besides, Injuns seem to be the people least offended by the Redskins monkier.  I heard one poll that was as high as 90% of feather heads who did not feel the team name was offensive and should be changed.  Of course that poll was conducted by ‘Proving Points With Statistics Monthly’, but that’s besides the point.

Anybody hollering about how objectionable the name is without even one drop of actual Red blood in them needs to smokum peace pipe and just calm the flip down.  This is such an obvious example of lame-wad lefty pussies trying to jump out in front of something supposedly offensive to minorities so they can pretend how enlightened they are that it’s sickening.  See, it’s faggot-ass shit like this that gives The Left a justifiably bad name.  Where does it end?  Are all Native American-based names now off limits?  If you got rid of every team nicknamed “The Warriors” then you’re eliminating about 75% of high school squads across the country.

I don’t have any reservations in quoting one of the most well-known and insightful Native American proverbs, “This all smells like a dump from the mighty buffalo” (I’m betting it was Shitting Bull who came up with that one).  Indians don’t need our goddamn pity or protection, they need Alcoholics Anonymous meetings…and respect.

Yes respect.  Because who can forget the remarkable legacy and tradition of great Native American athletes?  Men like Jim Thorpe, and…uh…well, Jim Thorpe.  And while most Americans might shrug at the decimation of an entire race of people, or perhaps even smirk at the total lack of consequences for it, our teepee-dwelling brethren can rest assured that a single tear runs down the face of our entire nation.  And shamelessly belittling their proud heritage by endlessly nick-naming silly sports teams and goofy mascots with their sacred Native American terms isn’t an insult, it’s our way of saying thanks.  By the way, don’t mention it Geronimo, now we’re even (wink).




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