McGregor-Diaz Redux

Then Nate froze---only to blow the herb smoke through his nose.

Then Nate froze—only to blow the herb smoke through his nose.


“Fuck the fuckin DIaz brothers!  Fuck ’em all.  I bury those cock-a-roaches.”   -Scarface


A little over a week after the biggest bout of 2016, there’s a few new observations to be made:


Precision Decision – There’s been a lot of talk about how Diaz was the victim of a bum decision, but predictably only by his diehard fans or those connected with the fighter or his camp in some form or fashion.  I watched the fight; it was 3-2 McGregor.  As an overall fight, I’d be satisfied if they scored it a draw, but judging strictly by rounds scored was fairly easy.  It this fight was judged by Pride rules, (where the emphasis was placed on the overall fight and who was winning at the end as opposed to the beginning), Diaz would have a much better shot at getting the decision, but he still wouldn’t necessarily have it in the bag by any means.  His most ardent supporters seem to conveniently forget the three knockdowns their man suffered, and the all-important fourth round that he most certainly lost.  I mean, just look at his face at the end of the fight for Chrissake.  It looks like he shoved his head into helicopter blades.  In a fight this close, the knockdowns, comeback fourth round, and visible damage done were enough to barely tip the scales of fistic justice in McGregor’s favor.


The Vape Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword – True to form as one of the most lovably ignorant athletes in all of sports, after the biggest fight of his life, Nate Diaz decided to puff away on a mysterious pipe throughout the post-fight press conference.  Shockingly, it turned out not to be weed.  It was actually CBD oil—which is a kind of weed.  Or something.  Whatever it is, it’s in the weed family, and although Diaz does indeed have a prescription for such foolishness (Thank you, California), some fans have expressed concern that his amusing antics could result in a failed post-fight drug test.  Others point out that Diaz had just come from said test, so he was free to puff away til his little heart was content.  The truth still hasn’t come to light yet, but honestly what kind of horseshit is the athletic commission trying to pull if they want to suspend Diaz for getting high after that kind of brutal fight?  First of all, CBD oil has been proven and is medically prescribed to alleviate joint inflammation.  Secondly it gets you stoned as shit.  But even more importantly, while the spineless swine on the athletic commission pretend all this malarkey is about fighter safety, what the fuck do they really think is more harmful to Nate’s health: puffing a lil’ CBD oil, or getting punched in the fuckin head for twenty-five straight minutes?


Triple Frown – Barely before the euphoria of watching such an epic contest had subsided, leave it to spherically-domed Dana White to piss on everyone’s parade.  Ol’ ass cheek head has come out and publicly stated that there will be no rubber match between McGregor and Diaz, because McGregror’s next fight will be a defense of his 145-lb. belt that he won back in goddamn December.  The opponent by the way will be the same guy he put to sleep in twelve seconds and took the belt from in the first place.  Fuckin yawn central.  Diaz, meanwhile, a longtime thorn up White’s ass, is unsurprisingly left twisting in the wind with no fights on the horizon.  Stockton’s finest, for his part, has wisely stated that he’s not fighting anybody but McGregor next.  McGregor’s expressed similar desires for a third bout at 155 lbs.  So why the fuck would Dana White want to stand in the way of the biggest fight in MMA history?  Their re-match last month was one of the most bought PPVs of all-time, and after how thrilling it was, a third bout is guaranteed to do even better business.  I don’t get it.  There’s no fight I’d rather see on earth than McGregor and Diaz a third time.  If White’s a true promoter and business man—and after embarrassing the sport by signing an unqualified celebrity like CM Punk, and then a roided-out Brock Lesnar to save a PPV, he clearly is—then MCGregor-Diaz III makes the most business sense by far.  Not to mention it’s also the smartest fight financially possible for either man.  For White to pretend otherwise is unsurprisingly a bald-faced lie.


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