Cat Scratch Asshole

Ted Nugent, evidently dressed for the Marlboro Man lookalike contest, recently entertained a Republican rally by flawlessly reciting "Whitey's On The Moon."

Ted Nugent, evidently dressed for the Marlboro Man lookalike contest, recently entertained a Republican rally by flawlessly reciting “Whitey’s On The Moon.”


Racists are such absolute pussies that it boggles the mind.

I’ve never heard a racist publicly man up and admit their personal delusional bigotry unless they’re wearing a hood or a swastika.  What the fuck is that?  If you don’t like a particular race, religion, or ethnicity then at least be honest enough to say so.  The double-talk and horseshit semantic arguments these dolts always construct usually begin something like, “Now I’m not racist but…” before they predictably utter something heinously racist.  Actually being racist is fine and dandy, but being called a racist is treated like the Scarlet letter by people who absolutely deserve such proper labeling.

Which brings me to that washed up, deranged, and mediocre former rock star Ted Nugent, who now makes the Right look exactly like the prejudiced assholes we all knew them to be whenever he opens his sewer of a mouth.  Who needs to hear the thoughts of some talentless hillbilly buffoon anyway?  I mean, with a mind powerful enough to create the timeless masterpiece that is Cat Scratch Fever, surely he should focus his brilliance on solving the mysteries of the universe.  Instead he’s trying to be cute and play mental footsie with his unwashed racist brethren by peppering his garbled nonsense with easily identifiable code words.

Don’t think for a nanosecond his use of the phrase “subhuman mongrel” wasn’t a direct insult to Obama’s race.  Some douchebag Righty brought up the fact that it’s no worse than when George Bush was called Hitler while in office, but while I don’t quite recall that (but I do easily recall charming Republican campaign posters literally adding a Hitler moustache to Obama’s picture) such a comparison is missing the point entirely.  Nobody who called Bush Hitler did so because they thought he was German for fuck’s sake.  Conversely, “mongrel” refers to a person of mixed ethnicity–which Obama is.  By the way, it may interest this tone-deaf prick to know his buddy Hitler considered the entire United States mongrels and would often refer to Americans as a subhuman “mongrel people.”

But unlike his music career, Ted wasn’t through yet.  This is actual dialogue from this nincompoop later in the very same conversation.  See if you can pick out the subtle racism when he was speaking about Obama.

“I would call it inflammatory speech when it’s your job to protect Americans and you look in the television camera and say, ‘What difference does it make that I failed in my job to provide security, and we have four dead Americans.’  What difference does that make?  Not to a chimpanzee or Hillary Clinton, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

You don’t exactly need to be a linguist to pick out the offensive word.  See, this is what I’m talking about.  Be a fuckin man and stick up for your piece-of-shit beliefs in public.  When this cowering pussy was asked about this obvious racist drivel, he balked like every bitch-ass racist does under questioning, and pretended he meant it simply as an insult about intelligence.  What a lying cunt.  I’d respect the muthafucka a lot more if he came on TV and just shouted into a megaphone, “I hate niggers!”  You know, just like he does when he’s not on camera.








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