Bruce Jennifer

You gotta admit Jenner does make a gorgeous gal. Yeesh. He looks like Rocky Dennis with a wig.

You gotta admit Jenner does make a pretty gorgeous gal. Yeesh. He looks like Rocky Dennis with a wig.


The yawn heard ’round the world was unleashed the other night when living wax figure Diane Sawyer had her blockbuster interview with human freak show, Bruce Jenner.  Jenner of course has been making headlines for over a year by being spotted publicly in an apparent Brindlefly-esque transformation into a woman.  If that isn’t strange enough, even more bizarre is the fascination some people seem to have with it.  Frankly, we all know tranny-whatever-the-hells are seriously mentally ill people.  The fact that playing mix and match with your genitals has become not just accepted but embraced is downright nauseating.  Not to mention disturbing.  Now chopping your cock off or making your twat into a shlong with your big toe or whatever has become trendy, like pet rocks, and just like pet rocks it will ultimately end in tragedy.

I thought I didn’t give a shit about fat-ass Chaz Bono becoming a man, but I really don’t give a shit about Bruce Jenner about becoming a woman.  I don’t even understand all the shock and amazement.  Because he was an Olympian?  That was like fifty years ago; I was still in my dad’s ball bag when the freak was sprinting around like a jackass.  The only thing I know Bruce Jenner for is being some poor shlub trapped in a house full of hairy Armenian whores, and scooping a canoe out of his pelvis.  Then again, when you think about it one doesn’t make any less sense than the other.

Thankfully, that pack of worthless broads aren’t Jenner’s kids, but his actual children have got to be more than a little unnerved by this whole thing.  Picture you’re an adult, and all of sudden your pops walks into the room in a goddamn dress and high heels.  And he’s got titties to boot.  I think my brain would shut down from overload.  I mean, how in the hell are you supposed to react to that?  Do you disown your parent?  Do you try to embrace it?  Is there a happy medium, like you wish them luck and then move without telling them where you live?

It’s easier to dig a hole than build a pole, so Jenner’s cock should be history in no time.  After it’s used as a baton in the 2016 games, Jenner reportedly has plans to cremate it in the Olympic Flame.



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