Aging Bull

DeNiro is sinking to a new low by inexcusably starring in one of the ludicrous and idiotic movies ever conceived.

DeNiro is sinking to a new low by inexcusably starring in one of the most ludicrous and idiotic movies ever conceived.


I’ll never understand why Robert DeNiro seems determined to ruin his once untouchable legacy by starring in piles of putrid diarrhea like this goddamn embarrassment of a movie Grudge Match.  This fuckin guy was once considered like the god of acting, and in the last few years he’s becoming a laughingstock with a seemingly endless parade of awful roles in terrible films.  Does he have tax problems?  Or a giant coke habit to support?  The scripts he’s been accepting lately aren’t fit to be used as toilet paper, and here he is prostituting his masterful abilities and torpedoing his greatness to an entire generation of new fans.

That’s one of the saddest parts about this disgustingly moronic film: the fact that young kids who don’t know jack shit about “Raging Bull” or “Rocky” will think of this hideous foolishness when they think of boxing movies starring DeNiro or Stallone.  It’s bad enough that Rocky single-handedly winning the Cold War is largely ignored by history books, but this is really a disgrace.

And who the fuck would sanction this fight exactly?  You’ve got two geriatric skeletons trying to punch eachother in the face for prize money…what state athletic commission did they appear in front of to pull that off?  They’d have to go to Thailand or some shit in order for the promoter’s to avoid criminal prosecution.  I don’t even know if the place where Jean Claude Van Dam dipped his fist in glue and glass would sanction this insanity.

Stallone’s always been a bit of a joke, what with the sideways garbled speech and all, but DeNiro’s a legend and my favorite fuckin actor of all time.  To watch him in one horrendous movie after the next for the last decade is sad, but to see him humiliate himself with this preposterous monstrosity of a film is downright heart-breaking.  I’m sure they must’ve backed a dump truck of money up to his house, but what price is worth your dignity?  He’s a regular Joke LaMotta.




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